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Four Babies born on 7/21/2009
Scroll Down for pictures of the latest babies.

Tanner is 3 weeks and 3 days old in this picture.

Mikey is the LuvNMuffin babysitter.  In this picture Mikey had to check to make sure Tanner was safe and ready for a special photo session.  Mikey, a RagaMuffin adult, loves babies.  He does everything for babies except nurse them.  He is a very special boy and the moms always welcome his help.

RagMuffin Breeder

Tanner went to his new home with Christine in Florida on Oct. 16th. He is doing well and playing with his new brother Jackson

Petunia and Buddy Babies


This little girl is called  Elisse
She has been Chosen by the Weyers Family in Toronto, CA

Elisse is a Natural Mink Torti and White
Ian, on the left is a Natural Mink and White

Below is Tanner at 6 weeks old

This little boy has been named  Ian.
Ian is a Natural Mink and White RagaMuffin Kitten

RagaMuffin Kitten Pictures

This darling little boy is  Winston
He has been Chosen by Keri in Ohio

This page last updated on  November  29th, 2009

Bella is such a silly little girl.

This little darling has been chosen by Barbara, Alexa and Joe in New Jersey
She will be known as
CocoaBella Bricin Aine
She will be called Bella

To View a short Video of the above kittens, click on the link below.

Our First Visit to the Vet for our first kitten shots

We love to play !  September  23rd

Ian and Mom

Bella went to live with her new family on Oct. 24th and is making her family and new kitty Brother Cocoa very happy

        The kittens in the below Video are being fostered at LuvNMuffin
Their breeder became unexpectedly ill and hospitalized  unable to care for them.  Jolene the mother became very ill and almost died.  Jolene was shaved due to her severe case of Eclampsia.  She was unable to care for her babies. 

    When she was recovered enough, we went to pick her up and bring here  to continue her recovery.   She soon recognized her babies and began to clean them and feed them with a lot of human help for both Mom and babies.
      Jolene and her 6 babies are now in excellent health and very happy and playful. 
                   These babies will be looking for very special homes.

Elisse is now in her new home in Toronto, Canada and loving all of her new sisters and brother

These Babies have all been Adopted