Kittens and Cats on this page are not available.

However, ones listed on the Kitten Page are
Available for adoption.   

Most of the cats on this page are
Previous kittens of LuvNMuffin

Welcome to LuvNMuffin

RagaMuffin Cats



                      Murphy, Molly and Aike Lee


LuvNMuffin Kachina


The Beloved Matriarch of LuvNMuffin
our Dreamer who made the    
dream come true.

RagaMuffins of Distinction


This is
Ultimate Rags Gidgette's Dream
of LuvNMuffin 



Cinnamon Swirl


This is LuvNMuffin Monet
Son of Dreamer and Father
of LuvNMuffin LiziBeth,
Pictured below

This is LizziBeth

 This is our "Dreamer" our first Breeding mom
     Both of these colorful girls are her daughters.     

Trudy loved to help mom with the babies.



Dakota is a Sable and White RagaMuffin



Madi and Angel

LuvNMuffin Noelle a Petunia & Kokopelli Baby
is now living in Boston with her sister Sissel






LuvNMuffin Destiny
Mink McTabby and White

LuvNMuffin Josie
Josie is a Blue Mink and White with Aqua Eyes




Charlsie and Emma



                     LuvNMuffin Tobias True Luv as a kitten         Toby & Ike
       Napping                             Ike & Petunia


Above is LuvNMuffin Abby

This is LuvNMuffin Pawlina, sister of the
above little girl, Abby.  Pawlina is from a later

LuvNMuffin Grand Champion Phoebe
a Petunia Baby


The above kittens are all kittens that were born to Dreamer

This is Petunia's little girl
LuvNMuffin Phoebe of Ultimate Rags.

All Three of these little girls are sisters, do you see the resemblance?

This is LuvNMuffin Paddy Cake
all four of these girls are sisters.

Below is
LuvNMuffin Buttered Popcorn,
Now living in Indianapolis


Sierra is the Chef!

Sierras is a Black Smoke and White


This is LuvNMuffin Gizmo
He Winters in Florida and spends the Summers
in Up-State New York






This is Roxy as a kitten, she is a Seal Point and White
She is now living in Oklahoma with Wild Eunice and Family.


Roxy and William Braveheart Wallace
this is true kitty love!


         LuvNMuffin Bustophur Jones and  Beau




                                                                  This is Carson a Blue Mink Kitten

    Is it a Putty Tat?  It is,  it is, it is,
          it's Sylvester!

            Olivia- Natural Mink Smoke and White







Encore Cats Jewel of LuvNMuffin

       Jewel at 2 years old now living in
            Colorado with her family.

                            This is LuvNMuffin Cosmo


This is City Name Zora of LuvNMuffin
Zora has been Retired and is now living in Largo, FL

LuvNMuffin Chiquitita










Rex is the Muffin in the middle of the two Italian

Rex spends his Winters in Florida
Summers in Up State NY
He enjoys life on a huge
working farm with
many other animals and people
LuvNMuffin Gizmo is also a
member of this lovely family

LuvNMuffin's  LillMuff


LuvNMuffin Bently being cuddled by mom Zora




Sully in a baseball cap


                LuvNMuffin Catalina


Bogart and his new Forever Family at the airport in Ct.


Anna hugging Martha, children and kittens           

Angelina as a baby
She is a Natural Mink with Aqua eyes.

LuvnMuffin's Angelina





LiziBeth and Ike's Babies



      LuvNMuffin's Cinnamon Swirl                

         She is a daughter of Zora and Max



               LuvNMuffin's Ike and Grandson Murphy                    


LuvNMuffin Tobias TrueLuv of Encore Cats

Both Ike and Toby are Dreamer Babies
Encore Cats Complete Chaos is the daddy
and also  National Grand Champion


                Grand Champion

      Below is Encore Cats Complete Chaos, the father of

                                      Ike and Toby.

Casey, as he is now called, even though he is still the
   "Chaotic Kitty" lives with the Plante family in Appolo Beach



LuvNMuffin Carson and Olivia

          Starry Knight, Grandfather of the above two boys.
                  Shaded Silver and White



LuvNMuffin Luck Be A Lady of Encore


Sun Sets On Savannah is the mother of these

Three little ones at 4 weeks old


On the top is Red Baron, then Aria and next is
              Mikey  and on the bottom is Bitta.  All residents of the
                   Kizer home in Lakeland, Florida

This is "Bubby" aka Red Baron.  He and the
Three above all live together in Lakeland, FL.
Bubby has become a show boy, in his first show
he came home with 5 Finals!!!





            Bogie is very relaxed today                   

  LuvNMuffin Sophia is all dressed up for the Holidays






                                                                                      Monet and Sully


                                                                                      Baxter and Ralphy



This is LuvNMuffin Pawlina

May 2007


          Baxter is a Seal Bi Color

                 Ralphie is a Sepia and White

                                Jolie Marie is a Mink Torti Lynx Point and White


This is Brotherly Love !


   This little doll is Katie-Did
   Katie is getting a new Brother by the name of Carson


  Our Thanksgiving babies 2007

This is Noelle
Blue Patched Tabby and White
LuvNMuffin Pawlina is her mother, RibredKokopelli is her father.

        This little Lady is "Our Angel Charisse"
    who was taken from us much too soon.  She
 is so missed but playing happily Over the Rainbow Bridge


                                                              Our Angel Charisse

                                                              This Beautiful Day Lilly has been named in her honor




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