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This is Madi, our first RagaMuffin and the
beginning of LuvNMuffin RagaMuffins
Ultimate Rags Ophelia DeMadison




Our Goal


To breed the highest quality RagaMuffins with exceptional health and great purrsonalities.



Our RagaMuffins are Scanned for the Prevention of HCM
as well as DNA tested

LuvNMuffin is a 100% FeLV TESTED negative cattery



RagaMuffins are huggable, extremely lovable, "teddy-bear" like cats. They are the ideal feline family member.


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We are a small cattery. Our kittens are raised underfoot where they have opportunities to be social and play with other cats and family members.
We are a member of
RAG - RagaMuffin Associated Group, which commits to a code of ethics in our breeding programs and high standards for our catteries.

All of our breeding cats are scanned for the prevention of HCM .

Our vet is located near by and is available to us 24 hours a day and cares for each kitty from the day they are born.  All vaccines are of the highest quality and kittens are examined prior to each vaccine visit by our vet. When our kittens leave LuvNMuffin they will have had all of their age appropriate vaccines and will have been tested for both Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids.  Prior to leaving each kitten and cat  receives a final examination and will have a current Health Certificate.

We feed strictly the healthiest diet available today which is Life's  Abundance.  This is a whole body food made with human grade ingredients, it is fresh and available 24 hours a day.  We also feed some raw diet (if you are interested in feeding your cat/kitten a raw diet here is a good site to start with:  www.catnutrition.org along with some canned food of the highest quality.  The water we  drink is Steam Distilled and includes Oxyfresh  Oral Hygene Solution which keeps their teeth and gums healthy and clean.  This product is 60% as effective as brushing.  Only the best here at LuvNMuffin. We urge you to feed Life's Abundance and extend our Pet Guarantee up to three years if they are fed L.A.  Please understand,  we reserve the right to interview the adoptive parents of our very special babies. 



Do you wish you could have a cat, but think your cat allergy would be a problem?  I have an answer    www.catallergyfree.com


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Thank you for visiting and come back often please
Chris and Sharon





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