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                                            RagaMuffin Kittens and Cats





 I am in the process of rebuild this web site with another program.  If you want updated info
please send me an email and I will gladly send updated pictures and info on available kittens.


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A Family's Love is Forever



Joy and Jonah went to their new home with their new
Mom and Dad, Mary and TJ in Raleigh, NC.
We are so happy for both of them to have been adopted by such a wonderful couple.

PaddyCake and Buddy's Babies

Honey Bear a Cream Mink and White he is Available for Adoption.
Shown here with his uncle Bubby.



                                 Truffle Natural Mink and White  Female  Has Been Chosen


     Butter Brickle is available for adoption she is a Sable Tortoishell  and White


                           Ziggy has been Chosen
                           He is a Natural Mink and White little boy

            Savannah's Babies

                               This little darling is Chloe
             She is now a Member of the Martin Family 


           This is Merlin

         Introducing Max  and Merlin, the newest members of the Staub Family

Below is Max he is now 8 weeks old


Below is Sterling's Joy
She is a Silver Patched Tabby and White
She is now interviewing for her Furrever Family


        Below are CinnaMon swirl"s Babies    




The Brothers Four with Avery on top.



       Teddy  has gone to his new home in Florida
               Teddy is a Seal Lynx Point and White



                                Truffle has been chosen by the Carlson Family

    Rusty has been Chosen by the Montgomery Family in California
Rusty is a Red Classic Tabby and White
Rusty is traveling to his Furrever Home in California tomorrow!  His Family is so excited !!!!!


Jonah is a Brown Tabby and White
                                 Mary and TJ are his parents     



Our precious babies are adopted quickly.
If you see one that you like you may reserve it
for a few days to decide, please contact me about
this option.




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The kittens below have already been chosen.








Once you have a RagaMuffin you will never do anything
unsupervised or with out help.
Just a little "Perk" when owning a "Muffin"
Remember, "One Muffin is Never Enough"










Cat Allergy?

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This is Frankie in September, he has grown and is making his family so
happy with his lovely personality


As Responsible Breeders, we are very concerned about the health, happiness and well-being of each of our kittens, and we screen potential buyers accordingly.

In addition to entering into a contract with us, potential buyers should have the knowledge, ability, facilities and resources to provide the care that a kitten needs to live a long, happy and healthy life. We require that our kitties be kept indoors at all times unless on a leash, for their protection. Their docile nature could allow them to get injured if they meet wild animals and diseases found out doors. 

We do not allow our babies to be De-clawed, it is a painful procedure
and can adversely affect the future emotional health of the kitty.


We are happy to provide support and advice that may be needed by new owners in adjusting to life with their new family member, and enjoy staying in touch with our kittens and their new families. If you adopt one of my babies, I am available to you 24/7.


We Reserve the right to determine the adoptive parent/s ability to adopt and properly care for
one of our babies.  A deposit will hold your new baby until time for him or her to go to their "Furrever Home."  Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another kitten or cat if circumstances change.




Our Cats and Kittens are fed Life's Abundance Cat Food
Contains no Corn or Wheat - Cats are Carnivores
Their bodies do not process these things.

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Life's Abundance





Please E-mail to


P.O. Box 613
Holly Springs, GA 30142

Sharon DeCeuninck - Breeder
Phone number:  954-778-0197 

Chris Kizer - Associate Breeder
Phone Number:  954-614-2728









Pet Oral Hygiene Solution

 Added to your pet's drinking water
Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is 60% as effective
 as brushing! 

 Here at LuvNMuffin we choose to drink Steam
Distilled Water 

If you have any questions, feel free to click
on the little bear.  I will return your email with answers
to your questions.


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